Ferry From El Nido To Coron, Philippines For The Masochistic

coron to el nido ferry fluent in frolicking

Are you planning on taking a ferry between El Nido and Coron in the Philippines?

If so there are two options for you.

Tourist Ferry:

Every day of the week you can catch the tourist ferry between these two ports. The ride will supposedly average 8 hours and cost 2,200 Pesos.

From what I have heard the boat can take longer than the scheduled time and frequently runs out of food. There are many companies that offer this service but they all cost the same and from the services advertised no real difference is apparent. I personally did not go with this option. The hefty price tag of 2,200 Pesos it was out of my budget so instead my travel companions and I went for Option B, aka the Masochistic Local Boat.


Local Ferry:

Once a week, check departure schedule when in town, you can catch the local cargo boat between these two ports. The cost, including breakfast, is only 950 Pesos.

I took this boat from El Nido to Coron in Jan 2012. It was scheduled to leave at midnight but we were not allowed to board the boat till around 2am. This is a frequent occurence on this boat and the locals seemed to expect this.

coron to el nido ferry coron ferry beds

Once we boarded the boat we were greeted with our first of many uncomfortable laughs. The beds we had booked on this “sleeper” ferry were nothing more than plywood bunk beds. I imagine prison beds to be similar. I fortunately passed out but my travel companions said we did not actually pull out of port till almost 4am.

Upon waking up due to rooster calls, I shared a few more uncomfortable giggles before setting off to find the bathroom. To my surprise they weren’t as bad as expected. A head and bucket but clean enough, whew. After that was breakfast. This simply consisted of white rice, a hard-boiled egg and dried fish. I highly recommend stocking up on water and snacks for this ride.

The rest of the ride was spent reading and watching pristine beaches that dotted remote islands as we pass by. The tiny island in this remote region are breathtaking. Even to this jaded Island Girl. The other main on-board activity was touring the zoo. The zoo? You ask. Yes our boat was home to 1 pig, 2 chickens, 3 tanks of fish and clams and 50 buffalo.

Would I do it again? I’m not sure but I’m sure glad I did it once. These are the kinds of experiences I travel for. The memories I will cherish!

el nido to coron ferry

Alex lending a helping hand cooling off the 50 Water Buffalo

ferry el nido to coron

Fresh Fish

el nido to coron by boat

Just a regular day hanging out at The Zoo

Do you have any transport hilarious/horror stories?


Alexandra Pucherelli

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16 Comments on “Ferry From El Nido To Coron, Philippines For The Masochistic

    • Thanks, it means a lot coming from you! Yeah it was definitely one of my most interesting transportation adventures I’ve ever had. It is this strange random glorious moments that fuel my fire to continue traveling!

    • It helped that I was really really tired but yes not my best night of sleep ;) It was an adventure for sure!

    • I would barely call them BEDS Jodi ;) but yes there were horizontal surfaces to lay on! No water buffalo or pigs on your boat?

    • It’s all about the adventure at the end of the day… The ferry ride will always live in my memory

    • I’m pretty sure I’d take the easy route if I ever had to do it again. Once was enough ;)

  1. Awesome, i did similar trip couple of years ago on my way home and survived too. vietnamese do similar often

  2. That bed, ohmygod haha! It looks….erm….Spartan, to say the least. Sheesh, glad you managed to pass out! The breakfast sounds, well, dire – I’d have told them to go easy on the dried fish. Still, experiences like this are what makes travelling such an adventure :)
    Tom @ Waegook Tom recently frolicked at…Dear Travel Bloggers…My Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by Tom and sharing this post! After almost two years of constant travel this ferry still tops my unique transit experiences

  3. That is a great experience. I think those kind of experience are unique in the Philippines. You can’t that on other place, just only in the Philippines and it’s more fun in the Philippines.

  4. Hi! Great article! :) How long did the ferry take? Might try it when I go to El Nido. :)

    • I don’t remember exactly but it was over 12hrs. It was a total experience. Like I said before not sure I would do it again but I still laugh and talk about it today ;)

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