Hunting The World’s Largest Flower


Location: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Mission: Seek out the Rafflesia, aka the World’s Largest Flower

I went to the Cameron Highlands for a few days on my very quick tour of Malaysia. I only has 12 days to get from Singapore to Bangkok to catch a flight. Therefore I had a little more than a week to explore the country. I stopped in the Cameron Highlands because I heard it was pretty and I was craving some mountain air. I really didn’t know what there was to see or do but I was up for the adventure.

Upon arriving I found out that in the jungles outside of town it was possible to go trekking to see the World’s Largest Flower. The rafflesia arnoldi on average weighs 15 pounds and has petals that can grow to 1.6 feet long and 1 inch thick. There are 16 species of this flower that can be found in Sumatra, Malaysia, Indonesia and Borneo. This was something I just had to do! I hope you enjoy the photos!

Alexandra Pucherelli

Alexandra Pucherelli is a Maui native who is flirting with adventure and shenanigans one country at a time. She is an island Girl, hammock lover, travel writer, gin drinker, lover of cheese, travel photographer, and daydreamer. A full time nomad since April 03, 2011 and is sharing her musings, budget, and frolicking tips with you. She is bad with learning new languages but FLUENT IN FROLICKING

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5 Comments on “Hunting The World’s Largest Flower

  1. Hi Alexandra! We all learn about this legend in primary school, but I’ve yet to come close to it in real life… How did it smell!


    • The odor was actually very slight. I really stuck my nose deep into the flower and noticed a slight odor. I think the Indonesian Amorphophallus titanum, or Titan arum which is commonly known as the “Corpse Flower” is supposed to smell worse

  2. Thanks Cameron! Figuring that this was found on a day tour out of the Cameron Highlands and you would be the type to just have to go to someplace called Cameron… I think your chances of seeing one is good ;) I did the full day tour with the flour, the strawberry farm, tea plantation and butterfly farm. The flower was the highlight and really my only reason for going on the tour. The vies from the tea plantation were pretty but not mind blowing. The curry in town on the other hand is!!

    Hope you are having fun on the islands!!

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